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Prompt responses to my questions

Highly likely to recommend

After having three other realtors that we were unhappy with, finding Anthony was a blessing. He offered a professional and always positive attitude, prompt responses to my never ending stream of questions, and a great vault of knowledge on all things real estate. He took care of business but seemed relaxed at the same time. It is immediately apparent that Anthony loves what he does. Being a good real estate agent comes naturally to him, he makes it look easy! We purchased our home from an Estate with 12 siblings. It was challenging to say the least. Anthony handled it like a pro.


Willing to go the extra mile

Highly likely to recommend

My husband and I have purchased properties in the past, but Anthony really stood out as someone who is willing to go the extra mile for his clients. He is honest, reliable, and trustworthy--you know that you are getting the best information possible with every answered question. We highly recommend him for any real estate transaction.


Helped us buy our first home

Highly likely to recommend

“Anthony helped us buy our first home and was wonderful to work with. He was easy to talk to, prompt, flexible, and great with our two small children when they had to come along. He truly made the whole process uncomplicated and stress free.”


Very instrumental and most importantly

Highly likely to recommend

Anthony was very instrumental and most importantly, patient, with us as we didn't know if we wanted to go with an already constructed home or purchase land and build new. He was very accommodating with scheduling where we traveled from out of state and he was always available and happy to show us different options. We also asked him numerous questions we had along the way and he would respond very quickly. I would highly recommend Anthony (and already did) if you're looking for a residential home, summer home or want to explore options of buying land, contact Anthony, you won't be disappointed


Knows the local real estate market

Highly likely to recommend

“Anthony knows the local RE market and area well; he was very easy to work with and responsive to our needs. We would highly recommend Anthony to our friends and family, or anyone looking for a property in the Bethel / Sunday River area.”


He quickly knew what we were looking for

Highly likely to recommend

Anthony was very responsive, even on short notices, and was always forthcoming with information and pleasant demeanor. He quickly learned what we were looking for, and helped steer us to it in a relatively thin market.